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Ratiborice castle is situated in eastern part of Bohemia. You can find it 2 kilometers from Ceska Skalice.From the year 1582 belonged Ratiborice together with Ryzmburk castle to the estate of Nachod. Ratiborice castle was managed from the Nachod's castle. This castle was a favourite siat of duke Petr Biron, who held Nachod together with Ratiborice and Ryzmburk from 1792. After his death there lived his wive Anna Charlota Dorota (born von Meden (1761–1821)),her sister Elisabeth von der Recke (1754–1833) and the oldest daughters of Katerina Vilemina , Duchess from Zahan . The Ratiborice castle was rebuilt on the wish of duchess from Yahan in years 1810–1812.From the previous caslte remaind only some parts of walls and proportions of floors. After this reconstruction arised there two halls with two-sides stairs.

A chateau, linked predminantly with the personality of Duchess K. V. Zahanska, a figure from B. Nemcova's novel Babicka (Granny). Originally a keep, rebuilt into a small Baroque chateau, the disposition of which was preserved. Th e building was modified onto an Empire structure between 1825 and 1826.


Babiččino údolí: („the gran mother valley“)

A path leads in 20 mn from Ratiborice to this valley. The czech writer Bozena Nemcova spent her childhood there, and the novel „Gran mother“ is drawn from this place. Also the valley became a symbol in the czech culture. Even without knowing this culture, it is obvious that the place, with the brook, the wipping willows, wooden house, meadows, beehives, flowers, and the peace, is the answer to the question: what does „bucolic“ mean ?

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