Menu card

Kitchen working hours Mo-Fr 10°° – 22°°, Sat 11°°-22°°, Sun 11°°-21°°
Dear guests, preparation of some dishes might take a longer
time, please be patient. Thank you.

  Soup of the day 46,–
  Garlic soup special with meat-sausage 56,–
  Garlic soup with odorous cheese 66,–
100g Fried chicken steak 115,–
100g Chicken breast natural 115,–
100g Vienna steak 115,–
250g Gnocchi with poppy seeds (sugar, butter) 85,–
350g Tagliatelle with bacon and broccoli in cheese sauce 129,–
500g Blueberry dumpling 159,–
  (with cottage cheese, butter and sugar)
150g Fried Edamer cheese, tartar sauce 149,–
100g Fried Camembert, tartar sauce 149,–
100g Fried blue cheese, tartar sauce 149,–
350g Grilled camembert, cranberries 149,–
300g Vegetable risotto with cream and cheese 129,–
400g Chicken strips with vegetable salad 209,–
  (150g fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, dressing)
300g Grilled Camembert on lettuce with Cranberries 199,–
  (100g camembert, balsamico dressing, toast)
250g Balkan salad 99,–
  (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet paprika, fetta cheese, olive oil, dressing)
200g Tenderlion beef steak 369,–
300g Tenderlion beef steak 499,–
200g Country steaks 249,–
  (fillet of beef, pork fillet, chicken breast)
250g Pork steak (pork neck) 209,–
200g Chicken steak 189,–
Hot sauces
50g Pepper, Barbecue, Mushroom sauce 36,–
150g „Stroganoff“ 289,–
  (Sirloin cut to bits, champignons, mustard, cream)
150g Steaks on green pepper 289,–
200g Medailions of pork tenderlion 249,–
  with cranberry or with mushroom sauce
200g Lumberjack Steak 239,–
  (pork chop, bacon, onion, garlic, sweet basil, edam cheese, coloured hot peper)
150g Chop of pork „Niagara“ 199,–
  (pork chop, champignons, blue cheese baken)
150g Pork mix „Texas“ 209,–
  (pork joint cut to bits, champignons, onion, red pepper, wild leek, tabasco, herbs Provence)
150g Fried pork chop cutlet 149,–
150g Pork liver „Pennsylvania“ 135,–
  (pork liver, sausage, onion)
150g Stuffed potato puffer 239,–
  (chicken breast, champignons, onion, sweet pepper, wild leek, tabasco, herbs Provence, vegetable garniture)
200g Chicken steak „Kentucky“ 199,–
  (chicken breast, piquant herb butter)
150g Chicken cut to bits in cheese sauce 189,–
150g Chicken pocket stuffed odorous cheese and bacon 189,–
150g Chicken pocket „Davis“ 189,–
  (chicken breast stuffed with blue cheese and ham)
150g Chicken breast „Alabama“ 199,–
  (chicken breast in cream and tomato sauce, blue cheese au gratin)
150g Chicken mix „Alaska“ 199,–
  (chicken breast, ham, onion, champignons, red proper, soya sauce, cream)
150g Chicken fillet „Fresno“ 189,–
  (chicken breast with peach, soft spices, au gratin)
150g Chicken medallions 149,–
  (chicken breast, coloured pepper, herbs Provence)
150g „Lemon chicken“ 159,–
  (chicken breast with lemon-cream sauce)
150g Fried chicken 149,–
500g Tagliatelle with chicken 169,–
  (100g chicken, ketchup, champignons, red pepper, wild leek, onion, cheese)
500g Tagliatelle with cheese sauce 169,–
  (100g chicken, wild leek, cheese sauce)
500g Gnocchi with chicken and mushroom sauce 179,–
500g Gnocchi with chicken, spinach and cream sauce 179,–
150g Tartare beer with toast 229,–
150g Chicken chips, pickles 169,–
300g Cowboy potato puffers 119,–
  (odorous cheese fried in potato paste)
100g Farmer’s toast 85,–
  (Smoked fatback, odorous cheese, onion)
100g Rancher‘s toast with meat-mix 85,–
  (champignons, hot pepper, red pepper,wild leek, onion, ketchup, horseradish)
100g Pickeld camembert cheese, bread 99,–
1pcs Pickled sausage with onion, bread 55,–
200g French fries piquant with garlic 59,–
200g American potatoes 48,–
200g Fries 48,–
200g Potato croquet 55,–
200g Potato puffers 64,–
200g Cooked potatoes 39,–
200g Fried potatoes 48,–
200g Mashed potato 55,–
150g Rice 39,–
200g Green beans with bacon and garlic 88,–
250g Grilled vegetables (pepper, zucchini, eggplant) 88,–
150g Garniture 48,–
4pcs Toast 24,–
  Bread 18,–
50g Tartar sauce 24,–
50g Devil’s sauce 26,–
50g Honey-mustard sauce 29,–
50g French dressing 29,–
50g Ketchup 15,–
  Hot love (3 Portions) 109,–
  (vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries decorated with cream and strawberry icing)
  Country Caramel (3 Portions) 99,–
  (vanilla ice with icing, milled walnuts and cream)
  Ice pancake (2 Portions) 99,–
  (pancake filled with vanilla ice cream and cream, decorated with chocolate icing and almonds)
  Scoop of vanilla ice cream 22,–
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Opening hours of the restaurant Country Saloon in Dvur Kralove

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